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Senior Appointments Process Map & Resources

The purpose of the process map is to provide a set of guidance and resources to support those involved in running recruitment processes for senior public appointments.  Its intention is to support the long-term sustainability of merit-based recruitment for senior public appointments in Kosovo.  The intended user groups are HR professionals, Commission members, secretariat representatives, Boards of Publicly Owned Enterprises etc. 

The primary resource is the process map itself – this is a diagrammatic representation of the tasks, responsibilities and decisions (set out by role holders) required to enable a recruitment process to be easily followed and delivered to a consistent high standard.  This map demonstrates how a merit based recruitment process can be delivered through seven key stages. 


For each of these stages, the process map provides the key details of the activities to be completed, and the main responsibility holder for each of these.  It also provides links to a range of supporting documents and resources to support the effective implementation of merit-based recruitment. 


In February 2023, 48 representatives from Kosovo public institutions took part in consultations events, through which they were given the opportunity to provide feedback on the draft process map and materials.


Access the full process map here

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